Collaborations and Knowledge Sharing! 

1️⃣ Visit of the Mitera GmbH Team from Crete to the colleagues in Umbria, alongside Gabriele Mocio and Raio farmers.​
2️⃣ Meeting of 3 Partners of Watson Project in Crete: Mitera GmbH, Dr. Nicolo`Cultrera CNR, Gabriele Mocio Aprol Umbria. Working closely with these remarkable teams has not only broadened our perspectives but also enhanced our ability to develop impactful solutions.​
3️⃣ Italian extra virgin olive oil tasting lessons provided to the Cretan team in Italy. Dissemination and recognition of high quality while also learning to recognize the negative attributes in a low-quality olive oil. In the Watson project, Mitera GmbH raises consumer safety even further by tracing the production chain and certifying products in DNA.​

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